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This is by far the highlight of my 2013: to be in Vigan, is a dream come true! It’s like you were in a time capsule way back the Spanish era—everything gets surreal when you are in Vigan City, one of Philippine’s Hispanic towns!

I must say this is one of mom’s gifts to me after I graduated from law school. Luckily, her next trip and seminar would be Ilocos, which happened to be the residence of my mommy [mom’s sister]. Reunion!

The capital of Iloco Sur, Vigan takes pride as a World Heritage Site, as among those places with well preserved history and culture. Take a look at Calle Crisologo, for instance. Who would have thought one can still find calezas in this generation?

How to get there:

Air – There are domestic flights from Cebu Pacific that leave Manila daily for Laoag City in Ilocos Norte. ETA is an hour and a half ride by bus or arranged vehicles to Vigan. From Laoag City airport or center, you may reach Vigan via Partas Bus, Fariñas Transportation, Maria De Leon Bus Lines, RCJ Bus Lines, F. Franco Trans, and Florida Bus.

By Land – Manila to Vigan City is roughly 408 km stretch which may take up to 8 hours of road travel via Partas Bus, Dominion Bus, Aniceto Bus, Florida Bus, and Viron Transit.


Walking on the cobbled stones of Vigan City made me feel like Maria Clara waiting for my Crisostomo Ibarra! *feels*

This trip is so special to me. I haven’t seen my god parents for more than 14 years. This trip was the best opportunity. We hugged so tight, not wanting to let go and they can’t believe how grown I’ve become.

Mi Ilocano Familia

Calle Crisologo is not the only touristy spot you can visit when in Vigan City, you can also drop by the Hidden Garden and enjoy or shop for clay pots and plants, or climb up the Bell Tower. From there, proceed to Baluarte, a Chavit Singson private property, home to his popular and controversial Siberian tiger and dwarf ponies. It’s a mini safari, I must say.

Locals are very warm to offer  any information you want to know about Vigan. Night life is also vibrant in the corners of Calle Crisologo for those who want to experience Ilocos Sur’s night life. Also, transportation is never a problem when in Vigan. Whether you want to ride and tour Vigan on a caleza, or through a motorcab, the tourist spots you want to visit may be reached in just a day; they’re not far flung from each other to take up so much travel time.