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Our trip to Malabuyoc is a promise I made with my girl friend, Isabeau. And since I was caught up with work and reviews at the same time, planning for an out-of-town trip becomes difficult recently, until Holy Week happened.

Hooray! I smell summer, finally!

Since I still have to work the whole day on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, we decided to take our trip early the next day. I was expecting a lot of commuters considering the long holiday for everyone but, I wasn’t expecting to be at the Cebu South Bus Terminal station by 7:00 am just to wait for another 4 hours under the heat of the sun, before our bus arrived.

Nonetheless, off to Malabuyoc, we go!

How to get there:

From Cebu City, take a jeepney, or hail a cab to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Take a bus, Ceres Liner, going to Bato-Barili. You have an option to take a non-air or air-on bus [we haven’t had much choice that day]. The bus will take you directly to Malabuyoc. ETA is around 3-4 hours from boarding. Note that there will be a mandatory stop-over at Barili town. Fare for the non-air bus is P140, air-on buses are at P180.

The good thing about long road trips is the scenery that you get to see when you pass by different towns before you reach your destination. You get to take a peek at a golden sunset and the pristine beaches of the south of Cebu which will buy you the time to get by the minor inconveniences of your public transportation.

Where to go:

Aransana River




Divine Mercy Shrine

What better way to do the passion of the cross to commemorate the death of Jesus than to do it on steep steps of a hilltop? Warning: for those who have a history of high blood pressure, I highly advise not to do this.


View from the top of the Divine Mercy Shrine

View from the top of the Divine Mercy Shrine


Mainit Spring and Hidden Falls

An LGU managed property, Mainit spring and hidden falls is a property of very high potential for development to become a tourist spot one day! Experience rock climbing and find the 7 hidden falls. You also get to experience a hot spring at 42.9 degrees Celsius!



All these great spots of Malabuyoc are accessible in just 15-30 minutes from Malabuyoc town center. How awesome is that!

Next time you plan a trip for the Holy Week,consider Malabuyoc; it’s a great place to meditate and go on an adventure sans the cliches of expensive trip expenses. 😉