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This is a photo blog of the places/spots I’ve been to when I was in Ilocos Norte last year. I finally had the time to post them! This is actually a continuation of my Ilocos excursion, the first part was posted under my Vigan travel diary.  I got so excited that I almost forgot to cook dinner! But, here you go! If you happen to schedule a vacation this year, consider Ilocos Norte. If you are a Filipino, this is your chance to take a peek of your history and get the feels that come with it; perhaps even deeper. Clue: Martial Law period; hashtag Marcos&Imelda’s place.

For tourists who want to visit Ilocos Norte in one of their excursions during their Philippine visit, there are already direct flights from Manila to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, and from there, you just get into a bus, or motorcycle to take you to these places.

If you are looking for night pubs in this place, it might just disappoint you. There are a few bars in this place, at least in the city center, but you don’t really like going out from where you checked in considering places are quite distant from the next place you want to go, unless you are staying in your friend’s place who has a car, this might not be a problem. You won’t also find so many malls in this place, but there is Robinsons mall. Consider also bringing cash with you and not to rely so much on your card. As I’ve said, places are kind of far, you might just want to be ready with bills to pay for a motorcycle or jeepney fare. Did I mention there are no taxi cabs around the place? Now, you know.

Enjoy, Ilocos Norte!

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