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Definitely, top 1 should be travel documents! Secure all your necessary travel papers first before anything else.

After securing your travel documents and making sure you are scheduled to go, do check your purse. Consider what you intend to do during your travel and the important other factors like lodging, food, and transportation, in order for you to estimate how much you should be bringing with you. Yes, you definitely need cash. You don’t know really when some emergency happens along the way. Some places might not accept cards, only cash.

You know how you always wish to have a carry-it-all bag whenever a travel idea hits you? That one bag that can carry your whole world for you, under any type of weather, and under any occasion?

I’m pretty lucky to have that kind of  bag.

Would you believe I can pack 3 denim pants, 2 long night dresses, 5 tops + undies, and my flip flops inside alongside my pouch for make-up and toiletries?

Quiet a lot?

Here’s the proof!

You see, the common mistake among people who loves to travel but cannot leave their great essentials behind is not knowing how to properly pack their clothes to fit in the size of their chosen travel hand carry bags.

This is me assuming that travel should always be light, save on exceptional instances when you really need to pay up on the extra baggage, such as when you are traveling with your kids.

If you have found the right bag for all your clothes, you should make sure to at least have a body bag which have compartments such as this:

I love this bag so much (which was, by the way given to me by my aunt without a blink of an eye) because it has three major compartments with a zippered front pocket where I can place all my coins.

This is where your passports, or tickets, and other travel documents, coin purse (even), and money bills should go. Make sure this body bag is reliable enough. Do not also forget to place at least a small bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol inside your body bag.

The next must-have should be mobile phones, unless you want to go extra adventurous on your trip, of not letting the world know where you are, or you’re hiding your trip from someone, then, you may skip this part. Oftentimes, we need these phones when traveling because these are what we made as bargaining chips to our bosses–you give me this work off, you can contact me through my mobile.

I carry with me two phones all the time. And they should be smartphones; the other one to do the hard work (calls, texts, etc.); the other handles  emails, documents, inventories, or as your trip tracker, and map! Also, it’s always good to bring extra batteries for both. Or, if you don’t like the idea of batteries, at least get yourself a power bank.

Now, this must-have #7 pretty varies for every traveler. Even I should be guilty of not owning a camera my own. Yep, camera should be a must-have. Why? Because… because… you can’t really miss everything new and beautiful, right? I mean, of course, you can trust your memory now, and remember them in mind… but really? NO! Bring a camera. But, since I can’t afford my dream camera yet, I have to stick around with my phone’s camera and rely on it pretty much. 😀 Soon… *crossing fingers*

Moving on, another thing that I cannot leave when travelling is my journal notebook. There must be some reason why I am a blogger, right? This is where I usually take note the spots I visit or about to visit, or my itinerary for the day. This makes it easy for me to write my travel diary later on and to share it with you guys. Below is a journal my sister gave me on my 27th birthday. Yes, there should also be a pen. 😉 One thing you should know though is that I prefer writing on sheets than on my phone or any other gadget. I love the satisfaction the paper is giving me.

When traveling, don’t forget these three combos: sunblock, lip balm, and moisturizer. Our skin easily gets dehydrated, especially when directly exposed to the sun’s rays. Avoid damaging your skin by not leaving behind these three essentials.

Lastly, bring some music with you… bumming around the beach, or spending some time on the road to reach your destination will be better for sure if there is music.

What about you? What are your must-bring things when going on a trip?