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Lately, I’ve been receiving feeds from my Facebook and Twitter accounts showing off my friends’ daily photos of the things–meet-up with friends, or eating their longtime love cornic, or even by finally getting home after a long tiring day from work–the things that turned their day into a happy one. After describing the photo, you put the hashtag #100happydays, and some other hashtags that may be added if you want to limit the audience to your post.

I got curious about it and looked it up. I thought it’s a photo contest of some sort, only to find out something really interesting, truly worthwhile, and may even be life-changing! Without a doubt, I registered. Now, I just posted my first photo that made me happy today:

The Philippine Acacia tree in full bloom.

I accepted this challenge because it really makes sense especially considering how people have become so busy these days with a lot of things they tend to forget the little things that made their day. This somehow reminds me to appreciate even the little things; the blessings that are showered upon us.

I am guilty of neglecting these little blessings, myself. This is why.

I highly recommend you accept this challenge too, and I bet it would be nice to look back at the 100 days you have been so thankful about. Who knows, after the 21st day, it just becomes a habit. 😉

Visit the 100happydays website now, and challenge yourself.


Will you have the time to be happy?