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At one point in our lives, we fell in our own traps, we stumbled on our missteps, we faked our reality in the pursuit of advancing to the surreal–that utopian portal that promises easy and great for everything.

At one point in our lives, I tell you, we wanted the wrong things, kept wanting them even more the first time we failed at plucking them, until we realized we lost the things that truly matter. Our selfish pursuits pushed us to put on our wrong foot forward.

Bad moves and wrong decisions create the perfect weave for failure.

Where do we go back to rectify the wrong, or compensate for the damage done?

We don’t. We are not supposed to.

Instead, we look forward. This time, our attempts are aimed at a different goal: to not fumble over same mistakes. We burry the things in the past to make room for future advancements, for success.

But, how many of us have been given the chance to make amends with our past? The real chance; not the make-believe, nor the fake dream that once hyped our notions of what’s ideal, of what we truly deserve.

Some would say they have enjoyed their chances because they were born with a bottomless source of it, but for others, a single chance may just be another good dream they have to carry inside their heads until they breathe the last flake out of life.

To be honest, I think our chances come in various packages and these don’t take us. Rather, we take our chances.

So, don’t forget those tickets (and yourself) the next time the midnight train passes by. Get on board and enjoy the ride! Or, prepare to sleep on an empty station with the hopes of getting on the next one… if there will be a another one.

Legarda MRT Station, Manila

Legarda MRT Station, Manila