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Have you ever traveled for love?

Have you traveled and lost love?

I did.

You gain some, you lose some.

I find it amusing how often we fall on the chase bout for love and end up losing in the end—regretting, whining, ranting, and cursing about love. After we licked our wounds and sew up ourselves, we go back to the chasing bout, doing the same things for love all over again, and end up in the same path we once cursed. Love indeed is a losing game. Huh! Amy Winehouse had it all figured out then.

When is too much really too much?

I guess you’ll never find out until you finally know who is worth fighting for, who is worthy of all the risks; until there is nothing more to give, or when you ran out of reasons to be hurt; until everything fades out in total gray, or black…

I guess that’s when you’ll know.

Some completely gave up on their chances of winning on love. Some traversed on the same path that made them fell on their knees but eventually gave up, too. There are those who almost bagged it, but never had the guts of taking it home. But, there remains the dreamers… they are the ones who stand up for the fight, because they were never scared of the fall; they live for the fall.

Are we being realists or dreamers?

I think some of us are caught up in between—wanting to risk it, but not wanting to get hurt. We tend to be swayed by the notion of a win-win situation.

There is none of such kind.

You commit to one, you lose the other. In this case, you give a part of yourself to someone; you lose that part of yourself.

Can you take back what you lost if everything falls apart?

Maybe, if you give it some time.

I think we all thirst for a commitment of waterfalls—enticing, alluring, exciting, scary, important, promising, dreamy…

Tricky. The adventure of it all.

As I’ve said:

If you give up because you are hurt, you are a fool.

If you give up because you think you can’t do it, you don’t know your strengths.

If you give up because you don’t have time, you are selfish.

If you give up because you are scared of the risks, you simply don’t know what’s worth fighting for.


Mag-aso falls, Antaquera, Bohol

Mag-aso falls, Antaquera, Bohol