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It has been months since my stay here in Leyte. I have been blessed immensely since then. My prayer for a very rewarding job has been answered just right after December of 2015. I can still remember how I joked around with mom that there will  be no worries because the job will find and that she will never see me bumming around the house anymore. I cannot be more thankful! I have seen the different faces of miracles through the smiles and laughter of children, as well as the commitment to stand firm and to survive from parents affected by disasters and emergencies. This job I am currently in right now has never made me sooooo human! I have personally committed to pour my heart into it in return. Hence, this can explain why it took me a eons to blog once again. I am soooo excited to share with you the places I’ve been to during my stay here in Leyte.

By the way, because I got sooo busy, I didn’t notice my domain name expired! (boo!) This also explains why I’m back here. But, this time around, I intend to stay and commits to write whenever I can squeeze time. 🙂

To kick off my Leyte adventures, here’s just one of the many great resorts here that you can visit. Glad to visit this place for the first time with two of my beloved humans: the bestfriend, Isabeau, and the boyfie.

Neguillen Adventure Resort is a mountain resort located in Kanangkaan, Sogod, Southern Leyte. A few kilometers away from the heart of the city, and you have this view to enjoy:

The road was such a challenge! But the view is totally worth it. The freshness of the air, and the coolness of the water outweighs the mandatory walking we did going to the resort. Here are some photos we had in the resort.


Here’s some tips and guides on how to get to Neguillen Adventure Resort and what to expect along the way:

From Cebu:

1. Secure boat ticket bound for Hilongos. You can either buy a ticket from Roble Shipping Lines or Gabisan. Hilongos trip is daily (day and night.)

2. Secure a boat service (bus ticket). This can be purchased through the customer care section on the boat. Tell them you are bound to Sogod, Southern Leyte. Fare is around P70.00

3. Keep your boat service ticket with you and make sure the boat crew indicates your bus seat number on it (usually written at the top most right portion in the ticket.) Your bus’ name is also written on the ticket.

4. Upon docking Hilongos port, go straigt to your designated bus. Present your ticket and hop in.

5. Travel time to Sogod from Hilongos is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour.

6. If it is your first time to go to Sogod, advice the conductor to drop you off Sogod Bus Terminal, or Top Home in Sogod. From there, you can take a tricylce to take you to Kanangkaan.

7. Tell the motor driver to take you to Neguillen Resort. There is no other resort in Kanangkaan except this one. Drivers know their way to the resort. Fare is around P30 – P50 if you are alone (pakyawan.) Otherwise, this should only cost you P15.00.

8. Roads (atm) going to the resort are under construction, not to mention, very slopey. Sit tight and hang on! There are parts along the way when you have to get off the motor and walk your way up. So… yeah.

9. Entrance fee: P75.00

10. There are yet only a few cottages. Price rates range from P2, 000 – P4, 000/ night (individual and group accommodations available.) Cottages for groups can accommodate up to 15 people.

11. Amenities/facilities: swimming pool for adults and kids, jacussi, canteen, lounging area, shower rooms, and karaoke.

All others, you can opt to book for a flight bound to Tacloban City and from Tacloban New Bus Terminal, ride a Bachelor or a mini-bus bound for Southern Leyte. Remember the drop-off points. Tacloban City to Sogod travel time is around 2-3 hours. Fare depends whether you’re riding an air-conditioned bus or not. Air-condition: P250.00, non-air: P150.00.