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Southern Leyte is filled with virgin natural resources. This is one thing that I really like about this place. Apart from it’s almost always cold at night, it also gives out a great sunny weather in the morning-giving me the chance to explore more places. Exceptions (usually rainy days) on the month of May – June.

When I was looking up the internet for neighboring places in Southern Leyte that can offer me the place to go next, as my feet start to itch to wander again, I stumble upon Gonjuban falls.

Located in Barangay Buli in Southern Leyte just 20 minutes away from Sogod, Southern Leyte, or if you are coming from Hilongos, roughly 35 minutes away. You can drop off at Buli Elementary School (just advice the conductor.)

When we went there, we were riding a private car. We were lost at first because there were barely few residential houses there and hence, no one to ask information from. The entrance going to the falls is likewise a very narrow (you can barely see it.) Make it your landmark the Buli Elementary School. From there, follow the narrow path just beside the school. You will have to trek for at least 15 minutes and you will cross a small river bridge and the climb up to get to the main entrance of the falls.

At the entrance, there is an assigned caretaker to collect P10.00 for entrance fees. Yes, P10.00 only. This is probably because the falls is not yet developed (totally virgin.) But, for any wanderlust like me, my feet is doing the chicken dance!

According to local lore, no one has been recorded to have touched the bottom of the falls yet. One of our friends tried to jump from the top, and he hasn’t touched anything down there upon his dive.

Here are some of the photos we had during our wander to Gonjuban Falls.

There are no stores near or surrounding the falls so if you are planning to drink and swim when you go there, it is wise to buy from downtown or from the place where you are coming from drinks andΒ chichirya.Β While you can probably asked the caretaker assigned to summon someone and ask to buy you these, there might be no one to call on to for that when you reach there. If there is, you might be also paying for more and tip the errand boy.